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To submit a claim use one of the appropriate links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

Here is all of the information you will need to file a claim directly to your assigned Insurance Carrier.
Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Salvador Insurance directly!!

Commercial Auto, Commercial Property
General Liability, & Workers' Compensation Claims                              24/7 Support on Nights & Weekends

1-800-327-3636                                                                                      1-800-367-3743

Glass-Only Auto Claims

                                                                     Customer Service

 24 hr. Claims Reporting                                                                           
1-800-445-3030                                                                                     Personal Lines Customers
                                                                                                                1-800-527-3907 (Home)
Glass  Claims                                                                                           1-800274-7865  (Auto)
                                                                                                                Business Insurance Customers
                                                                                                                1-866-967-5256 (Workers' Comp)
                                                                                                                1-800-435-7764 (BOP)
1-800-892-8877 Toll Free!                                                                      1-800-766-1853 , 24 hour service                                         
                                                                                                                1-888-504-4527 Glass Only Claims                                                                                                  
1-800-421-3535 (Flood)


Auto, Home, Personal