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You’ve invested many hours, dollars and talent into launching, growing and taking good care of your business. As a small business that’s been beating in the heart of Chicago for more than two decades, we understand the value of what you do and who you serve.

business insurance policyWe know how much you give to each customer, sale and team member. And we are committed to helping you protect what you’ve built and preserve your assets in case of an emergency, accident, property damage, closure or even worse. Salvador Insurance agents are not only proficient at finding the best coverage for the lowest premiums; we are deeply vested in thriving communities. Your business is an important part of this dynamic city.

First, our agents will get to know you, your staff and growth goals. Then we will present you with a policy packages all aimed at protecting your business, going through each step carefully and answering all your questions so that you can make a confident choice in the right coverage.

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